Is there an age limit?
Answer: All participants must be at least 14 years old.

How long is needed for set up?
Answer: You should have your gym ready to go at least one hour prior to the start of your event (seating in place, scoreboard and public address system ready, ticket sellers on hand, etc.) When we arrive, we will have ,

How long is the show?
Answer: Our show lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours

When will the driver arrive?
Answer: We aim to arrive two to four hours prior to the start of your show, if not earlier.

Are protective tarps or mats placed on the gym floor?
Answer: No. We do not lay down any type of protective covering on the floor. Instead, the donkeys wear a special rubber shoe that protects the gym floor from being damaged – the same material your sneakers are made of. The shoes are non-scuffing so no black marks will be left on the floor.

Do we have to provide a stable or hay for the donkeys?
Answer: No. Our truck and trailer is equipped with hay for the donkeys.

What if we have to cancel our event?
Answer: Notify our office as soon as possible. Cancellations due to severe weather will be re-scheduled as soon as possible. Cancellation of an event thirty days prior to the show date is permitted upon notification stating the reason for cancellation, without penalty.

Where do I send my contract, insurance form and registration fee?
Answer: Green Mountain Donkeyball, 502 Easy Street, Danby, Vermont 05739

What if I am unable to return my contract and $50 registration fee within the required two weeks?
Answer: Please contact our office via telephone at 802-293-5837 or email info@greenmountaindonkeyball.com to save your date.