About Us

John and Shayla Sisters have their home, donkey farm, and business in Danby, VT; a small, rural community that is nestled in between the mountains of the Green Mountain National Forest and Dorset Peak. John started Green Mountain Donkeyball, Inc. for many reasons. The biggest factor is that it’s a business that he can operate with the animals in a way that benefits other people and at the same time he and Shayla have fun running. Green Mountain Donkeyball helps others at every game by spreading laughter and smiles, and by raising funds that are needed by your organization at the same time!


Both John and Shayla enjoy working and playing in the outdoors; nature, the environment, and wildlife are a significant part of their lives. Because of their love of the outdoors, John and Shayla feel that it is part of their role as nature lovers is to conserve and recycle and one way Green Mountain Donkeyball does so is through our manure. Donkey manure is 100% biodegradable and a darned good fertilizer too!

What about the Donkeys?

Our donkeys spend most of their time at home playing, grazing, and exercising in the 100+ acres they all home. They work an average of one and a half games per week, which works out to be anywhere from two to three days a week and a total game time of two to six hours. They also enjoy a two month vacation every year. They spend most of their time enjoying the pleasures of becoming even more plump, as you can see for yourself!

Someone always asks, “Well, aren’t I too heavy for a donkey?” Good question, but you’ll have to think up another excuse to not clamber on and play ball, because most likely the answer is “No.” Donkeys are very hardy and strong, although small creatures, and have been used for thousands of years to carry heavy burdens. Donkeys are in fact used for pleasure and riding by many adults including ourselves. However, for the safety of our riders and our donkeys, we do have a 200lb weight limit. 

Another question that is sometimes a concern is “Isn’t it mean to the donkeys to put inexperienced riders on them?” Donkeys have always gotten a bad rap as being bad tempered and stubborn when they are in fact sweet, cautious and patient. Our donkeys are part of our family – they are our friends. We do not allow or tolerate any abusive behavior towards our donkeys. The conduct we expect from the players is outlined explicitly in the rules and by us in the meeting before the game and involves only the courtesy and respect that all living creatures deserve.

Donkeyball is not just a business for us – it’s a way of life. We run and operate Green Mountain Donkeyball ourselves and although we may have only one or two games a week, we spend every day tending to, working and playing with our donkeys. Our desire is to share ourselves and our friends – our donkeys – in a humane and profitable way.

If you have any further questions, ideas, or comments about donkey ball, we would be glad to hear from you!

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        John and Shayla Sisters